Why Issoria provides a better way to manage change.



Why Issoria


Why Issoria provides a better way to manage change.



Why Issoria

Clients no longer want to pay fat fees for a bit of strategic advice from a senior partner and a lot of humdrum work from neophytes.
— The Economist

Issoria offers a disruptive approach to supporting global corporations with an innovative networked consulting model.  Our features and benefits set out the reasons why our solution is redefining change management consultancy to deliver greater results and better value for clients.




Global scale

Our CATALYST model provides local, bi-lingual (English & local language), change management teams across 72 countries.

Higher quality, less cost.

Elite change leaders and managers, combined with low fixed overheads, deliver better results at less cost.  

A one stop shop

A single point of contact and accountability for global change.  Our Core Partners manage our teams and ensure outcome delivery.

Adaptive change methodologies

We bring vast experience of working with a multitude of change methodologies and do not sell a "one size fits all" approach.

Commercially aligned

We offer a variety of commercial models that align us with your goals and targeted outcomes.  We provide flexible options that deliver value.

We don't sell the bench

The people we present to you during the bid phase, are the people that work with you end to end.  We do not transition to low cost delivery models.

Build change capability

Our Capability solution embeds change management as a core competence within your organisation.  We develop your change management maturity to align with your strategic needs.



Act local, think global

Your change is managed in the local language and with deep local cultural understanding.  You reduce barriers to change.

Increased ROI

You get Big 4 expertise, without paying for large consultancy overheads.  You realise the benefits of change by spending less.

Save time & stress

You do not need to manage lots of independent contractors individually.  You have piece of mind and "one hand to shake".

Improved success rate

You receive a structured change methodology that suits your business, change programme, barriers to change and culture.

We are in it together

We share risk and reward.  You benefit from a cohesive team that are all focused on achieving targeted results.

Get the people you want

You buy into the track records, capabilities, experience and character of the Partners you meet.  We ensure you get what you think you are buying.

Become self-sufficient

Your organisation becomes inherently change capable.  You are able to manage continuous change, without the need for external consultants.