Virtual Consulting Bench Solution

Drive consultancy growth - flexibly.


Virtual Consulting Bench Solution

Drive consultancy growth - flexibly.

Collaboration is the new innovation

At Issoria, we believe in the power of networks, partnerships and collaboration.  We partner with consultancies of all sizes, from SMEs to global consulting giants.  This collaborative approach creates an environment for opportunities, resources and knowledge to flow freely, providing the fastest route to innovation.

Our VEN (Virtual Enterprise Network) business model enables consultancy mash-ups which allow all parties to grow, in a lean and agile way, whilst retaining their independence.


Virtual Bench

Drive growth, agility and innovation while reducing fixed cost and risk.  



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Bid support

We provide Senior Partners with demonstrable track records of success in particular industry sectors and project types.

Global scale

With a network of over 5000 major consulting firm alumni, we provide local, bi-lingual (English & local language), independent management consultants in over 100 countries. 

Flexible and responsive

Quickly scale up and down in line with client demands.  We commit to providing the right consultants within 48 hours of a qualified request.

Adaptive methods and tools

Our consultants bring vast experience of working with a multitude of methodologies and are able to quickly adopt your standard.  


We assign a methods and tools partner to your virtual bench and assume responsibility for approach and toolkit knowledge transfer.

Agreed rate cards

We agree fixed rate cards, aligned to your your consultant bands and geographic spread.  

Practice development

Our Senior Partners work with consultancies to develop new offerings, service lines, products and intellectual property.  This IP is owned and retained by the consultancy.



Improved win rates

You leverage the references and credibility of our Partners to support or lead your project bids, ensuring your win rates improve.

Act local, think Global

You provide clients with consultants who speak their language and understand their culture.  You reduce expense costs as well as travel demands on your permanent consultants.

Reduced bench costs

You do not need to add fixed salary costs until you have long term demand confirmed.  You protect margin by resourcing projects quickly.

Improved consistency

Your clients receive consistency in approach and do not distinguish between associate and permanent consultants.

Reduced time to on-board

Your associate on-boarding process is faster, more efficient and less time consuming for your senior staff.

Predictability of cost

You are able to price bids more effectively in addition to removing constant associate rate negotiations.

Faster innovation

Consultancies that may not be able to permanently hire this level of expertise, are able to flexibly and efficiently innovate to develop practices and drive growth.