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We are always looking for people that share our vision, purpose and beliefs.

+ Independent Change Leader/Manager

You have over 10 years' experience and a demonstrable track record of success. You are adaptable and able to hit the ground running to deliver impact from day one. You are focused on delivering the economic value and lasting benefits of organisational change. You thrive in large scale change programmes and in complex corporate environments. You bring a world class change management toolbox and experience of a multitude of change methodologies.

We provide access to large scale, complex change and transformation programmes. We enhance your opportunities and maximise your rewards. Our global, networked enterprise allows you to benefit from shared experience, shared learning and shared opportunity, whilst remaining independent. We seek win win relationships and follow the SCARF model when collaborating with partners (Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, Fairness).

+ Boutique Change Management Consultancy

You are a leader in your field of change management and have a demonstrable track record of success in particular industry sectors. You do not subscribe to a one size fits all change management methodology and are adaptive in your approach. You value collaboration but wish to retain your independence. Your organisation strives to break the grip of large, established management consultancies by delivering better results and greater value. You are customer centric and focused on delivering the measurable business benefits of complex organisational change.

We provide the opportunity to add virtual scale whilst retaining your independence. We enable you to focus on delivering world class results rather than sales and marketing. Our disruptive approach and innovative networked consulting model enables you to secure larger engagements and deliver greater value to clients across all major markets. We act as a catalyst for your organisation's growth. We seek win win opportunities and put the customer at the heart of our model for collaboration. We follow the SCARF model when collaborating with partners. (Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, Fairness)

+ Client Services

You are entrepreneurial in nature and enjoy building businesses. You build lasting relationships by partnering with senior executives to solve their key company challenges. You have specific industry knowledge, a deep understanding of consulting and strong networks at Board and Executive level. You enjoy winning and negotiating deals. You collaborate well with clients, independent partners and colleagues to deliver world class solutions and results.

We provide a disruptive approach to supporting global corporations with our innovative networked consulting model. We provide an established platform for you to grow a business. We invest in you and allow you the autonomy to innovate and develop in your way. We offer shared ownership and unrivalled growth potential. We offer flexible working and focus on results rather than time served.

+ Partner Services

You are inherently a people person and enjoy networking to build lasting relationships. You may have a background in psychology and must have a strong awareness of what makes people tick. You understand that successful consulting project delivery is dependent on the people delivering and convert project goals into roles, people and teams. You are able to build cohesive team solutions and work hard to ensure successful collaboration and results.

We provide an opportunity to work globally and interact with people all over the world. We offer flexible working and focus on results rather than time served. We invest in you and provide structured but flexible career growth opportunities. We offer you the opportunity to assist the largest companies in the world with their critical organisational issues. We have a passion for our work, maintain a culture of excellence and believe that the wellbeing of our employees determines their ability to deliver results.

+ Business Support & Operations

You have a passion for organisation and efficiency. You strive to improve processes and have a background in automating administration and support functions. You are used to a fast paced business environment where customer needs are delivered without fail and service levels are world class. You are adaptable and can take ownership of critical projects that span Marketing, Operations, Administration and Support.

We value our Support & Operations functions as highly as we do our Client Services and revenue generation functions. We recognise that Support and Operations are the unsung heroes of a successful business and incentivise all staff in line with individual and company performance. We offer unrivalled progression opportunities and invest in your personal and professional growth. We provide flexible working opportunities and recognise that the wellbeing of our employees is essential to the success of our organisation


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