The solution

  • Issoria conducted a thorough diagnostic of the current organization, then worked closely with the company's leadership to define the critical design criteria and high level design options of the new change management office.

  • Duplication of activities and non-value added activities were removed with the creation of a centre of excellence located in different countries, each of which would service the region. 

  • Decision-making was streamlined so internal customers and business leaders had clear visibility of costs of service and response times.

  • A central unit was created to enable project evaluation, prioritisation, and integrated change planning. 

The impact

  • Eliminated duplication of change management efforts across different regional business units.

  • Improved customer satisfaction with change management services by 54%.

  • Reduced head count by 28% through consolidation of services across regions.

  • Delivered savings of $18 million on consulting spend over the following 3 years.

  • Improved transformation program objective achievement levels by 50% in the following 3 years