FMCG case study

Establishing a Change Management Office for a leading food & beverage company increased change success by 50% across 4 continents. 

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The client

Our client was a global leader in the food and beverage industry, serving 200 countries and territories around the world and earning $68B in net annual revenue.

The challenge

  • Historically an industry leader, the company had seen its performance lag against competitors and was not achieving the desired results from strategic transformation initiatives.  This was particularly true for transformation programs that included major technology implementations.

  • Change management was being applied across projects and programs in a piece meal way, with regions and projects buying different change management consulting services, and utilizing a multitude of different methodologies, tools and approaches.

  • Costs for change management consultancy services were significantly higher than comparative company benchmarks.

The CIO wanted to completely restructure how change management was provided across 20 countries, to reduce costs, standardize approach, strengthen accountability, and improve responsiveness to internal business customers, all within a 4 month period.

The operating model for our change management operations helped us fundamentally rethink how we delivered this service and enabled us to manage and deliver change much more effectively.
— CIO, Fortune 100 Food & Beverage Company
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The solution

  • Issoria conducted a thorough diagnostic of the current organization, then worked closely with the company's leadership to define the critical design criteria and high level design options of the new change management office.

  • Duplication of activities and non-value added activities were removed with the creation of a centre of excellence located in different countries, each of which would service the region. 

  • Decision-making was streamlined so internal customers and business leaders had clear visibility of costs of service and response times.

  • A central unit was created to enable project evaluation, prioritisation, and integrated change planning. 

The impact

  • Eliminated duplication of change management efforts across different regional business units.

  • Improved customer satisfaction with change management services by 54%.

  • Reduced head count by 28% through consolidation of services across regions.

  • Delivered savings of $18 million on consulting spend over the following 3 years.

  • Improved transformation program objective achievement levels by 50% in the following 3 years


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