Client: A Fortune 500 Automotive Company

Core Partner: Christina Cowling

SAP Change Management

The Challenge

  • To implement a global ERP solution across multiple business units in a company that had grown through acquisition but were just exiting bankruptcy in the US.
  • To utilise the IT (SAP) initiatives as an opportunity to drive globalization of the company, with standardization of business processes and ubiquitous access of information systems tools across the company.
  • To meet the expectations of high level executives to achieve cost savings and synergies through the technology change whilst addressing the the classic hurdles and resistance of operational units and geographies to have any change in their paradigm. 
IT Change Management

The Solution

  • The governance structure for change involved Global Business Owners who were responsible for developing standard processes and Regional Business Leaders who were accountable for implementing them.
  • A systematic and industrialised approach to change management facilitated a global roll-out programme that was aggressive and often involved sites over 3 continents going live at one time.
  • The development of a global data organisation and a campaign to harmonise data globally.
  • Business Metrics were agreed ahead of go-live and used to gauge system adoption and bottlenecks.  
Workday Change Management

The Result

  • Formalising the role of the Global Process Ownership ensured standard best practice was employed across the organisation
  • Local accountability for change was achieved by making the successful implementation part of the KPIs for business managers at implementing sites
  • Data management organisation and harmonisation effort resulted in significant cost savings based on improved visibility of inventory
  • Tracking business metrics ensured minimal disruption and a prompt return to business as usual
  • Standardisation of finance transaction processes facilitated outsourcing resulting in significant headcount reduction worldwide