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About Issoria Change Consultancy

About Us

About Issoria - a new model for change management consultancy

Change Management at Issoria

Change Management at Issoria

With an extensive track record in global change management, we have a thorough understanding of what is truly important to our clients.  

Structured as a global, networked enterprise, Issoria harnesses the power of leading independent change leaders and managers in an agile and innovative solution that answers customers' demands for a new model of consultancy.

Issoria not only provides a better way to manage complex change but is also the solution that enables companies to become inherently change capable themselves. 

Issoria is our response for better results and lower costs.

Issoria is the new answer for an industry that demands better.  

Issoria is the change management service that our clients deserve.

Change Management Case Studies

Change Management Case Studies

Case Studies

Change Consulting Ideology

Change Consulting Ideology

Core Ideology


Vision & Purpose:


To improve our clients' ability to manage change and transformation successfully, on a self-sufficient basis.

To improve the measurable value that companies derive from change management consultancy.


To positively impact the lives of our employees, partners, customers and communities.


Beliefs & Values:


We believe in fair partnership. Issoria is a model of collaboration and we must always ensure that our partners are treated equally and fairly.

We must never lose sight of our goal to create an organisation that is owned by those that work so hard for it. With shared ownership comes shared responsibility, motivation and passion.


We believe that what gets measured, gets changed. Change Management is truly about delivering the measurable value and lasting benefits organisational change.
We must be brave in declining work where we do not believe we can achieve outcomes that deliver this.


All Issoria employees should be given the opportunity to innovate and challenge the status quo. Our company must ensure that tangible mechanisms exist to enable this.


We must stay true to our lean and agile beginnings. We must relish constant change and fluidity in structure and strategy, whilst retaining our core vision and purpose.


Our business is built on long term relationships that are based on trust. We must ensure that we deliver on our promises and do as we say we will.

Global Change Consultancy Firm

Global Change Consultancy Firm

Our Global Reach

When it comes to complex global change, local language and culture matter.  Our model enables you to act local but think global.

A Winning Team

Our networked consulting model is built on the long term relationships we have with our Partners.  Years of successful collaboration is harnessed to provide a one stop shop for global change.


  • Elite change leaders and managers, (75% are McKinsey or Big 4 Alumni), that we have worked with to successfully lead and deliver multiple change programmes, since 2003.


  • Leading Change Managers with 15 years' + experience that we have successfully completed at least one change programme with previously.


  • Leading Change Managers, Communications Managers and Training Managers that we have successfully worked alongside previously.

Change Management Models

Change Management Models

Commercial Models

Our range of commercial models align us with your goals.  We are incentivised along with you to achieve targeted outcomes.